Highway 62 Auto Salvage and Sales, Inc. is on approx. 10 acres, processing 750-1,000 vehicles per year.
We currently dismantle for parts, cars and trucks, foreign and domestic, 10 years old to current production models.
We also process cars and trucks of any age for scrap recycling.
We are a "Green" company that is Environmentally responsible and stay current with any EPA issues and are a great example to others in our industry.

We provide free delivery of parts to the surrounding NW Arkansas area.
We specialize in low-mileage drive-train parts.
We have a vast inventory of body parts as well.
We sell rebuildable vehicles as well as used cars.
We will purchase your vehicle for parts re-sale or scrap recycling

Highway 62 Auto Salvage and Sales, Inc.
Arkansas Automotive Dismantlers & Recyclers Association. Member